Our Big Bang Theory of the Start-up Universe

We celebrate the spark of pure idea, but know what it takes to go from start-up to financial star in the marketplace. Let’s begin with the concept you generated as an inventor or entrepreneur, then protect and monetize it as only we can at Spark IP Law firm, home of entrepreneurial law.


Don’t let the spark of your idea or invention go out, or be stolen, limited, infringed upon. Our start up attorneys will ensure you don’t get snuffed out.


Whether you’re starting a new business, expanding an existing one, or exploiting the genius and popularity of your concept or product, you have a right to monetize it.

Startup Strategy

Pull out the start-up stops and proceed with greater speed and legal surefootedness along your path to success.


Get the latest intellectual property news. Let Spark IP, a Chicago IP law firm, be your source for IP strategy for startups and established innovators alike.