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Patent Biotechnology Expertly and Nimbly

This is an exciting time in Biotech. Entrepreneurs like you are applying technologies based on biomolecular processes of living organisms to develop innovative tools to diagnose and combat disease, manage how people and industries affect nature, develop cleaner, more efficient manufacturing processes, handle waste management, and improve the air we breathe. Bottom line, it’s an excellent time for your patent in Biotechnology. Just check the VC activity, and recent patents on biotechnology.

In 2014, venture capitalists poured nearly $50 billion into startup companies focused on Biotechnology. To get some of this revenue flowing to your startup, you need to answer and address the following critical questions:

  • How do you protect your proprietary technology with such ample and aggressive competition in the biotech universe?
  • How do you raise funds for product development and also manage funds to balance business costs, patent preparation and other legal costs, research and development expenses, etc.?
  • Where do you find the skilled experts to develop, enhance, fortify and protect your product portfolio?
  • Where do you find the insightful legal guides—the star-gazing map makers who ingeniously evade risk and the unpredictability of scientific discovery to lead you beyond the mire and maze of the law to the patent goals you seek?

Let Spark IP Light the Way

Bright answers to the questions above start with a single step—contacting us at Spark IP Law and leveraging our startup business services. We light the way and untangle the complexities of obtaining your patent in Biotechnology. With our in-depth experience and  energy, we take pride in offering clients like you “business as unusual.” This means creation of unique and brilliant patent strategies and Biotechnology patent preparation like nobody’s business—literally. We help you claim your product or idea territory and are as tough as pit bulls protecting your turf and prosecuting others for infringing on it.

Use our experienced counsel, to help you determine if your technology needs protection, in how many markets and in which countries. If you’re looking at sacrificing something that is direly needed due to fiscal limitations or restraints, talk to us about funding strategies for startups. Know as you start (up) how much everything will cost, where funding can come from and, bottom line, how you can finance your future successfully.


Clear Reasons to Use Us

A Rare Combo: Our team has a deep background in science and a strong grasp of technology (happily) married to legal and strategic patent expertise.

An Unparalleled Team: Our attorneys (of the third kind—actually likeable), patent agents, and scientific advisors with PhD’s in Biotechnology provide leadership that leverages endless energy and a relentless drive to do more for our clients.

Start-up Specialization: We have years of experience working with start-ups, innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors in all spheres—Biotechnology, academia (we profess professors as clients), industry, healthcare, green/sustainable technology, media and entertainment and the consumer world.

Knowledge in current technology: We have depth of knowledge in fields being aggressively pursued by VC’s:

  • Genomics
  • Biomarkers
  • Stem cell-based therapies
  • Antiviral agents
  • DNA & RNA therapies
  • Nanoparticles
  • Biological polymers

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For more information about the protection of your intellectual property and entry in the market, contact us soon.

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