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Product Patent Protection

As an experienced and savvy startup advisor, Spark IP Law is always on top of invention patenting and the fastest, least expensive route to obtaining a patent. We pride ourselves on keeping clients up to speed on the latest news that may impact their consumer product or process patents.

Product Design Patents May be Your Fastest, Most Affordable Path

In addition to protecting the utility of your product, we can protect your design. Product design patents have been on the rise for years and key patent infringement cases have made getting a design patent more meaningful and enforceable. The good news gets even better because design patents cost a fraction of what utility patents cost.

The Exciting News Continues—there’s also been a need to streamline the design patent application process internationally, and now that’s possible because the U.S. has signed the Hague Agreement. The Hague Agreement is an international registration system that provides a practical business solution for registering up to 100 designs in over 64 territories through the filing of one single international application.

Upon implementation, U.S. applicants will be able to more efficiently secure protection for industrial designs in foreign counties and, in addition, international owners of design rights can more fully avail themselves of a simplified filing mechanism for securing protection of their designs in the United States. It’s a worldwide win-win situation!

No doubt you will have important questions that need answering, including:

  • What kind of protection does an industrial design right offer?
  • What kind of products can benefit from industrial design protection?
  • How are industrial designs protected?

Call us for more information and specific solutions that can help you.


Avoid those with Devious Designs on Your Patent

Are your patents protected for the long term? At Spark IP Law, we not only help you gain a patent, we offer deeper product patent protection that works to secure your idea in many ways. Our research and due diligence in investigating the legitimacy and originality of your idea is exceptionally thorough and needs to be in lieu of less than admirable behavior taken by others these days. Your company could face aggressive patent litigation from a corporation that has been sitting on a similar patent for years, hoping that another company (yours?) inadvertently violates the patent, to get easy money through patent and copyright lawsuits.

Using Spark IP startup business services can help avoid a protracted and costly legal battle from those who are waiting for your patent to step on their big (ugly) toes.


Countering Counterfeit and Fake Products with Spark IP Patent Protection

In recent years, the spread of counterfeit goods (commonly called “knockoffs”) has become global and the range of goods subject to infringement has increased significantly. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development indicates that up to US $250 Billion of international trade may exist in counterfeit and illegally copied goods. You may be losing money to knock-offs and not even know it. Let Spark ignite a search or advise you about resources and recourses of action. We can discuss the viability of special industry-wide and global organizations dedicated to combating the so-called “brand pirates.” As another recourse, there is also litigation to get the knock-offs to knock it off!

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