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IP Protection for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Innovations

The writing is on the wall, or rather the digitized Electro Chemistry Analyzer—on example of the important, exciting and life-enhancing digital revolution in healthcare. The traditional approach to treating disease has been a “one-Rx-fits-all” solution. Now, health and medicine is able to take your treatment personally with treatment based on genomics (“Theragnostics”) and other molecular technologies. This means individualized solutions tailored to the patient, not just the disease, and the prognosis for reduction of side effects and radically improved patient outcomes is encouraging and exciting.

If you’re poised on the blocks as a digital health startup, or ready to join the innovative healthcare race in some other entrepreneurial way, now may be an ideal time to use our Spark IP Law startup business services. Consult with us about patents and trademark rights in the revolutionized, digitized marketplace.


Let Spark IP Ignite Your Knowledge

Mobile health is also in the news with technology that travels with you, from FitBits to wearable vital sign tracking, compliance monitoring on you go, and dispensing of medications remotely (soon to be indispensable to the market).

It’s interesting to note that startups and other tech innovators are actually changing the law since breakthrough advances in technology can require lengthy research and development. Hence the need for and surge of patent term extensions, which may be something you require.

Entrepreneurs in the healthcare space also have to consider FDA regulatory requirements and reimbursement, as well as Medicare requirements. If the invention involves patient information and medical records, there are privacy issues and HIPPA requirements that must be followed. Knowing what is patentable in other countries – especially with regard to diagnostic methods – if obtaining an international patent is part of your IP strategy.

Also in the medical field, because there are so many players involved, infringement cases can be a cross-party phenomenon putting many people in the cross-hairs: the physician, hospital, distributor or device manufacturer for example, depending on how the patent claims are written. This is why it’s important to have a patent attorney who has experience drafting medical device patents. As your startup attorneys, we can draft our patent claim to extend the sphere of infringement liability to a point that makes sense.


Our Resume in High-Tech and Digital Healthcare

We’re proud that our team has experience working with university medical researchers as well as tech entrepreneurs developing healthtech software applications. We can help with development of an IP strategy, a professionally written business plan, licensing, and patent procurement, including design patents, globally. More specifically our expertise extends to:

  • Targeted molecular therapies
  • Medical devices and surgical implants
  • Molecular diagnostic tests
  • Diagnostic agents and systems
  • Imaging and contrast agents and systems
  • Digital healthcare

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