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Avoid Piracy, Privacy Issues, and Costly Breaches in Digital Media

Suddenly everyone can be a star in the Media and Entertainment Universe. On the Joe Q. Public side, there are instant YouTube stars (in addition to kittens) and stars on reality TV; there’s the chance to go viral and stake a claim to fame in 140 characters or less (#Igotmorespark). And now even for everyday ordinary people, privacy and even copyright threaten personal security, reputation and wealth. Fortunately, Spark IP Law is ready as just the right copyright and internet privacy lawyer.

The business world is being whirled about too, with even greater impact from social and electronic media as ideas are advertised, promoted, and scattered globally. Pirates lurk in electronic spheres stealing brilliant products and ideas. For every business, including start-ups like you, cyber-barbarians are at your gate ready to crash through causing harmful and costly breaches of information and privacy invasions that subject you to  liability. If you wish to protect your idea, your company, your reputation, good name and bottom line assets, Google “entertainment attorney Chicago” and click on Spark IP. We’ll put you in touch with protection and start your start-up out with the latest Intellectual Property information in the digital Media and Entertainment arenas.


Must-Know Legal Issues in Media and Entertainment

The hot topic of DMCA.  Right now, copyright violations in digital media are igniting controversy big time (right up our alley at Spark IP). DMCA is a copyright regulation in the U.S. that, among other things, helps protect creative innovators (like you). The act also gives web hosts and Internet service providers protection from copyright infringement claims if they implement take-down procedures. How could this act impact and protect you? Could you leverage it? Let’s discuss.

The rights of publicity and privacy. Once you determine that a work is in the public domain, can you use it any way you want? Can you make and distribute copies of the work (and even sell it), adapt it, perform it, or display it? If the subject of the work is a recognizable person and you want to use the work commercially, in a testimonial ad for you as the world’s best Internet privacy lawyer, for example, are you infringing on that person’s publicity or privacy rights? Are you or will you be treading on other rights? Contact us to dig into it.

What else is viral, excuse us, vital to know? How about… the issue of consent by a click wrap agreement from consumers to your terms of service and privacy policies; what constitutes “Fair Use” with regard to copyrights? What about royalties when companies all over the world want a piece of your ingenious product or innovations—will you be royally treated? What constitutes a work for hire, and so on. These are all key questions and reasons why you need a multi-capable, multi-media, patent, trademark and copyright attorney that is your one source for all-in-one legal assistance—a social media copyright attorney, entertainment law attorney, privacy policy attorney all rolled up in one — Spark IP law at your service.


Spark Areas of Expert-Ease

  • Terms of services agreement
  • Consent of online terms of services and privacy policies
  • Distribution agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Copyright negotiations
  • Defamation suits
  • Libel
  • Rights of publicity
  • Misappropriation of name and likeness

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