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Copyright Legal Advice

Copyright Advice

The application of Spark IP skills with regard to copyrights starts rather simplistically with our copyright registration service legally establishing your work of authorship. Handling copyright complexities beyond that is where Spark IP excellence ignites. We offer help with experienced copyright legal advice, copyright licensing agreements, distribution agreements, and litigation including those involving new IP copyright issues presented by technologies like BitTorrent data-file sharing. We tackle torrent litigation and, these days, frequently work on behalf of clients as an experienced Internet copyright lawyer. 

We inform clients of the basics on how copyrights protect the expressive arts. Under copyright law, you as an artist have exclusive rights to reproduce your work, publicly display or perform your work and create derivative works. We’d be delighted to offer copyright advice (as an art form) and can only hope you invite us to a showing, opening night or other form of your free expression.


Copyright Licensing Agreements

With a copyright, if you allow someone to distribute or market your literary or artistic efforts (brilliance), or if you want to enter a new market or expand your existing market, let Spark IP work with you to establish an accurate, effective and potentially lucrative copyright licensing agreement or distribution agreement.


A Bit about BitTorrents and Copyrights

One of the advantages of using Spark IP versus brand IPX, is our experienced awareness of new and emerging technologies that can impact your IP business. One of these is BitTorrents, a rapidly emerging peer-to-peer (P2P) network, which enables users to share large files over the Internet. The files include, but are not limited to high-quality music, videos, images and programs. Currently, there are over 160 million BitTorrent users and the relevance to copyright law has been an inordinate and lavish increase of lawsuits filed against BitTorrent users by production companies and non-practicing entities (NPEs) commonly known as “copyright trolls.” The BitTorrent world is facing a deluge of issues and changes. For a stream of valuable BitTorrent information, please call us at 312-714-3065.


Spark IP Copyright Capabilities

  • Copyright registration service and enforcement
  • Copyright licensing agreements
  • Cease and desist attorney services (and notices)
  • Production, distribution and performance contracts
  • Terms of Use
  • Litigation (including Torrent litigation)

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