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Strong Roots in Green IP

The Importance of Green Technology

We are delighted to be immersed in green IP — helping entrepreneurs and startups patent their product and ideas in the flourishing sustainable technology marketplace.

The world is embracing the genius of “Ecopreneurs” as a ray of light and hope for this environmentally tattered world. What an opportunity green technology application represents… the chance to monitor and conserve environmental resources, clear the air, level the mountains of toxic waste with innovations in green chemistry, sustain life in our oceans, rid the coral reefs of grief, steer drivers to battery-powered vehicles.


Green Patents are Currently Prolific

As a business consultant for startups and other entrepreneurs, we know the green patent engine is humming. In 2014, the USPTO granted the most number of green patents it has ever granted in a single year. Most were solar power patents. Fuel cells came next, and then wind turbine patents and electric/hybrid vehicles. Bottom line, most venture capital has been going to renewable power manufacturing and energy optimization. Though much more needs to be done and we could use a more aggressive pace, the U.S. is leading the green charge and has granted the greenest patents compared to other countries. Globally, U.S.-based companies have received a good majority of the capital invested in clean tech.


Spark IP’s Green IP Thumbprint

  • In-depth Startup Services include due diligence, patent search, startup funding counseling, patent protection, patent portfolio development, and that’s just the start
  • Years of experience and deep roots in obtaining green patents for many companies focused on green technologies such as wind turbine patents, waste recycling patents and many more
  • We’ve made a mark in Green IP with Spark IP Trademark Services and green branding known as an “eco-mark”, which helps companies to leverage their brand and expand their business
  • Our strong background in Chemistry suits us ideally for patent work with green chemistry companies, such as those that are developing a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable manufacturing process.
  • “Greenwashing” will be out of the picture. In-depth Spark knowledge will steer you successfully away from overstating green claims for your process or product so you avoid costly litigation and lock-up the precise green patent you need.


Spark IP “Green” Areas of Expertise

  • Batteries and fuel cells
  • Solar power
  • Biofuels
  • Recycling and waste management
  • Wind energy
  • Fossil fuel technology
  • Nuclear technology
  • Energy storage
  • Energy optimization
  • Renewable power
  • Water treatment and purification technologies

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