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Working with Attorneys and Clients around the World

International IP Protection

For many entrepreneurial companies with vision, ambition and financial support, the Intellectual Properly universe has expanded. There’s an ever-increasing need for IP legal expertise on an international scale. Let Spark IP lead your charge globally, help you register your international trademark and apply our expertise in international protection of Intellectual Property. You’ll find a world of difference in the depth of our experience and service levels.

With a solid network of foreign associates, we can help your start-up or long-established firm with international IP protection. At our own offices in Chicago, we prepare, file and defend patent and trademark applications on a global basis. We are privileged to extend our reach and capabilities worldwide via vital and extensive collaborations with highly reputable firms in Singapore, Australia, Canada, the UK, Germany; Israel, South Africa, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, China, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia, and more. We can file just about anywhere.


Keep Multiple Opportunities aloft

Spark IP can help start-ups or other companies conduct a patent search worldwide, then file the appropriate applications, and if timing is not ideal, keep the opportunity of “international filing” aloft and viable for later. We can help protect your invention until there are more funds available or another entity wants to secure rights internationally.


Count on Close Associates—not Foreign to Us

At Spark IP, we maintain close relationships with our foreign associates. We discuss challenges and strategies via video conferencing or other technologies, and when we’re abroad we meet up close and personal with our associates to share experiences, knowledge, and a Guinness, Saki, tea, etc. If you’re working with one of our foreign associates, we are always pleased to lend our special expertise during a face-to-face video conference or via other communication devices.

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