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Your Technology Patent Attorney

The digital revolution is transforming our daily lives. Nowhere is that more apparent than in Information Technology and the development of ingenious software applications. To pay a bill, bank, hire a temp worker, review a medical test result, monitor a network system or control your home environment from a plane, you will most likely be using an app. Desktop computers and laptops are taking a back seat as mobile devices drive the market and the future of Information Technology goes cross-platform and into the Cloud.


IP Protection for Software, Hardware, and Business Methods

The startup world is bubbling with software innovations and patent filing challenges, and the courts are dealing with it too. Since day one of the computer generation (now in regeneration), there has always been a need to harmonize the formalities of filing patent applications, to decrease the time, effort and cost of patent pursuit around the world. As technology has advanced and markets have become diverse and global, there has even been an even greater urgency to harmonize the substantive components and procedures of international patent law.

Globally, patent law and patent software applications are a mish-mash of conflicting rules. To illustrate, software is generally considered patentable in South Korea, but computer programs are generally excluded from patentability in New Zealand and Europe. In most countries, business methods are not considered patentable, but in Japan, business method patents are being granted at a nearly 30% rate. In the U.S., software has generally been patentable, but since the immense rise in Internet patent applications and the e-commerce revolution, there has been much more litigation of patents on software and confusion in the courts about patentable subject matter. In 2014, however, the Supreme Court made a significant software ruling regarding software patents and business methods (contact us for a supremely relevant further explanation).


The Case for Spark IP Law as Your Technology Patent Attorney

Since there is no general global trend, including in the U.S., and with a decisive Supreme Court decision that is changing U.S. Patent law regarding software intellectual property rights, many software and business method patents are at risk. Perhaps yours.

Apply our expertise during your software patent APPlication process and when it comes to protecting your business methods process patents. If you have concerns about competitors filing a petition challenging your patents, put us on the case as your startup business advisor.


Spark IP Law Distinctions

  • Experience in the intricacies of new software intellectual property rights law
  • Litigation and patent prosecution expertise; we fight fiercely on your behalf
  • Unique strength in scientific technology, startups and licensing
  • Software/business methods savvy
  • Protection and prosecution expertise globally—for those who wish to sell their software product in other countries. We know how to draft patent claims to meet law variances

Inventions (Digitized and Otherwise) that We Help Protect

  • Software
  • LCD
  • Manufacturing automation
  • Telemedicine
  • Imaging
  • Medical coding
  • Analytics and informatics
  • Wearable tech
  • Sensors
  • Big data analytics

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