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Trademarks date back to Roman and Greek days when craftsmen put their “marks” on their unique products to identify their brand. Today, craftsman, entrepreneurs, and leaders of savvy startups turn to Spark IP Law to forge a registered “Trademark” that acknowledges their unique identity.

A trademark is a recognizable sign, design or expression which distinguishes your product or services’ goodwill from competitors who offer similar wares. The letters “TM” may be next to a product, but that does not mean it’s a registered trademark. Let Spark IP formally stake your claim to your innovation with trademark registration. Our clients place trust in our experience, energy, and the aggressive lengths we go to fiercely defend and manage their trademark filing process, trademark infringement cease and desist, or other matters.


Unique Strategic Counseling

Your liftoff begins with intense and thorough meetings with us to discover your goals and inform you of the options open to you, as well as variations on rules as dense as a meteor cluster. For example, there are different rules on amending the description of goods and services and a number of deadlines for “subsequent designations” and renewals.

Some jurisdictions have different class designations than International Class designations. Some have sub-classes. Sometimes an applicant is required to narrow a description of their goods and the narrowed description no longer falls under that class designation.  Some countries allow you to move those goods into another class; other countries make you delete them and require you to file a new application for them. Bottom line? “Don’t try this at home,” not only because your coverage might be limited, but because you can lose the right to file internationally. Call and rely on Spark IP instead.


Clearance to Land for Your Trademark

The way has to be clear for your trademark filing or you could run into fierce headwinds, a costly legal storm, or opposition you can’t fly over or around. This is why a register trademark search or U.S. patent and trademark search, may be advisable to discover if your proposed mark is available for registration. This search includes a thorough investigation of:  The Federal Register; Common Law and Trade Name Database, State Trademark Registries, Domain Names (critically important today) and the Internet. We will explain in detail, with minimal legal “un-ease,” the results of the search and any red flags or cautions we perceive.

Call us for an initial conversation about Intellectual Property trademarks. Let’s engage in a proactive, discovery discussion regarding your trademark needs.


Spark IP Trademark Manifest

  • Strategic trademark counseling
  • Trademark search for clearance
  • Preparation and prosecution of trademark applications
  • Preparation of international trademark applications, including for Madrid Protocol and Madrid Agreement countries
  • Opinions, oppositions & appeals
  • Cease & desist letters

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